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De Atmosfeer offers a variety of beers and sodas, as well as some snacks. A selection of our assortment can be found here.
Hertog Jan

Hertog Jan

A refreshing full bodied Dutch pilsener best enjoyed cold from the tap.


Belgian pilsener at its finest: refreshing, slightly bitter and with a nice foamy head.


A fresh and sweet white beer, best enjoyed on a warm summer day.
Leffe Blond

Leffe Blond

Our mainstay specialty beer: traditional and flavorful with a creamy texture.
Hertog Jan Seasonal

Hertog Jan Seasonal

A regularly changing seasonal beer, including favorites such as the Hertog Jan Weizener and Grand Prestige. Currently available is the Hertog Jan Lentebock.

Bottled beverages

Next to our tap assortment, de Atmosfeer offers several bottled drinks, including:

Leffe 0.0

Jupiler 0.0

Hoegaarden 0.0

Jopen 0.3

Trappistes Rochefort 10

Floreffe Dubbel

Pauwel Kwak

Vedett IPA

Duvel Tripel Hop Citra

La Chouffe Cherry

Liefmans Fruitesse

Somersby Apple Cider

Somersby Blackberry Cider

Hooghoudt Straaljager

Hooghoudt Kalmoes Beerenburg Cola

Coca Cola

Coca Cola Zero


Fanta Casis

Finley Bitter Lemon


Fuze Tea Green

Fuze Tea Sparkling

Fuze Tea Blue Berry

Ginger Beer

Orange Juice

Apple Juice



Red Wine

White Wine


Seasonal specialty tap

De Atmosfeer currently has two additional specialty beers on tap, come try them while stock lasts!



The ‘T IJ IPA is a dark blond beer with a distinct hop flavour. In this IPA hops were added to the beer not only during brewing, but also during maturation. This creates delicious aromas of grapefruit and flowers. A beer with a fruity, bitter aftertaste that lingers for a long time.
La Chouffe

La Chouffe

A real classic. La Chouffe has traded its place with Tripel Karmeliet from the fridge to the tap. A traditional-style Belgian beer, it  is characterised by its little spicy  flavour which is highlighted by the freshness of a tap.
Liefmans Fruitesse

Liefmans Fruitesse

Liefmans Fruitesse is a light red coloured fruit beer. Enjoy the fresh & intense taste of strawberries, raspberries, cherries, elderberries and blueberries.