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About 'de Atmosfeer'

Since September 2010, the VSV 'Leonardo da Vinci' is in charge of 'de Atmosfeer'. Every year, a group of students is selected by the VSV to form the management of 'de Atmosfeer. It is up to these students to improve the café and create a nice atmosphere for both students and employees of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. The main goal of 'de Atmosfeer' is to bring students and employees together and to increase the cohesion between them, both socially and professionally.

  • VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’

    The VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ manages ‘de Atmosfeer’ completely independent. Every year, a management is formed from several members of the VSV to run the bar for a year. Throughout the academic calendar, VSV committees organise a variety of activities for both students and employees to enjoy.

  • Students

    Every Wednesday ‘de Atmosfeer’ is opened opened from 17:30 to 01:00. These drinks are especially suited for students that want to keep the party going till midnight. It is also possible to join us for low-cost dinner, directly after the last lectures of the day. Every week there is something else on the menu!

  • Employees

    Every Friday we are opened from 16:30 to 21:00, so we can provide a proper ending to the working week, especially for the hard working employees. These Fridays are a great opportunity for employees (and students as well) to reflect on their week and improve social bonds with their colleagues, before heading home for the weekend.

  • Faculty Café

    Café ‘de Atmosfeer’ is located within the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. This means that a lot of the decisions of  management of ‘de Atmosfeer’ are in coordinance with the faculty as well. Aside from this, ‘de Atmosfeer’ is easily approachable by bachelor/master students, PhD-students and employees as well.

Our Assortment

A selection of our finest goods. The full assortment can be found in the main menu.

Meet the seventh management

  • Schrijf feut

    Manouschka van Beek Secretary

  • Giving a boost to every party!

    Quincy Booster Chairman

  • Opdat het geld mag blijven stromen!

    Willem Hoekman Treasurer

  • Acceptaris

    Max Heilig Commissioner of Activities

  • Opdat het bier mag blijven vloeien!

    Frank Scholtens Commissioner of Consumables

  • Kassamedewerker

    Jarem Hinsenveld Commissioner of Inventory

  • Adten!

    Ruben Michaux Qualitate Qua

Ideas & Questions

Do you have the best idea ever for De Atmosfeer? Or do you have a question about anything we serve or do in De Atmosfeer? Just ask us!